Nina and Jake

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Nina Rosen & Jacob Bernstein

Nina and Jake both grew up on the water, going to overnight camp, taking on too many extracurricular activities and forging lifelong friendships – with their dogs.

Despite having so much in common, they were states apart.

After each attended highly prestigious universities in the Midwest, they each settled into Chicago –though Nina had a brief stint back in NYC and Jake bounced back and forth to St. Louis.

They could have easily met at a party or Jewish singles event, but these 2 were ships in the night never crossing paths.

As the years went by, the mobile dating scene proliferated. Despite Jake’s best efforts, his profile just wasn’t up to snuff for Nina. After a series of “swipe-lefts”, Jake altering his default photo did the trick and Nina finally swiped in the right direction. They matched and after a few weeks of light text banter, they settled on a first date location.

When Nina arrived and the bar was closed, her first instinct was to bail. Jake quickly thought of an alternative plan nearby and Nina agreed. The date lasted nearly 3 hours despite Nina’s “menu blindness” (she ordered a frozen drink in 20-degree weather), which was plenty of time for the duo to agree on a second date a few weeks later.

Jake knew he found the one when upon his arrival to a friend’s wedding in Mexico, where he was also celebrating his 30th birthday, Nina arranged for a bottle of tequila, a candle-lit birthday cake and a big “Happy 30th Birthday!” sign to be waiting for him when he checked in. She was a keeper.

Of course, Nina already knew.

Fast forward 2 years, their relationship flourished to new heights: Jake moved in with Nina, they started volunteering together and became dog parents.

Finally, on a freezing cold night in January of 2020, Jake sent Nina on a scavenger hunt to all their most memorable locations. At the final spot, Jake got down on one knee (in the snow) and popped the question.

Frozen tears flowing down her face, Nina said “YES”
Susan Asbill